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Transfer a Minecraft PE world

Is it possible to transfer a Minecraft PE world from one device to another?
Yes, you can transfer Minecraft: PE World from one device to another device.
For iOS, go to the files app, on my iPad or iPhone or iPod, click Minecraft, scroll down to Minecraft, click games, com.mojang, MinecraftWorlds, click select, then select all. Click the share icon then ;click copy.
To transfer to Android, Download Google drive on your iDevice, go back to files, then go back to browse then go to google drive. Click …, then click new folder, and name it Minecraft World Transfer. Go to google drive on files app on android then go to the Minecraft folder.
Then hold an icon, tap the dotted square, and copy. Go your android devices files app and Click the … icon and click show internal storage. Click the menu icon then click games then com.mojang. Go to MinecraftWorlds then paste.
Good to know: Remember to backup your worlds.