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We design stunning hubs, spawns, and lobbies for your Minecraft Java server. Hundreds, if not thousands, of servers have become more visually appealing as a result of our efforts, and their players appreciate what we have accomplished
Good to know: Purchase our products and earn something in return. With BreadBuilds Club, you can turn every dollar to a discount

Where can I purchase premade builds?

Our premade builds are available for purchase at Make sure to take advantage of any available discounts!

Do you do custom builds (commissions)?

We don't give out commissions anymore. You are welcome to join our Discord server or browse our ready-made products

Where can I request support?

Joining our public discord server at is probably the simplest way and open a request for support. Use the [email protected] email address for business relationships and official correspondence
Download links are valid for 30 days only. Join our support Discord server and get a new one, how simple.

Could I use 1.18 world on 1.19 version?

Yes, you are welcome to use it.
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